All about Sam's Personal Life

Sam never picked up a guitar until he was at the age of 18. Before that he was into sports like manu other kids and teens. But he was not your average sports player.... He was a free agent for the Kansas City Chiefs after college before he moved to Nashville to pursue his music career. As Sam says, "I think football is a sport where you learn and become aware of the connection between hard work, success, discipline, and all the things it takes to do well. So, that was definitely instilled in me through playing ball, through the coaches, and through my own desire to win. That competitive spirit just drives you to do what you need to do to win in football."

On the topic of music he continues, "That competitive spirit is still there, I'm not necessarily competing against other people, but it's more competing against the expectation I've set for myself, and a goal."

Many artists have inspirations for their songs. Just listen to Keith Urban singing "Cop Car" which was written by Sam Hunt. Believe it or not, the songs reflects on Sam's experience witha girl for his college as they were trespassing on an airport property. As of right now, Sam is still looking for the "right girl."

Fun Facts:

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