My Perspective on my Website

For my Web Graphics and Design common task, I was assigned to create my own website of anything that I enjoyed, and I chose to do mine on the new country artist Sam Hunt. This was an important task to conduct because it taught me skills such as orientation, researching, and creating an effective presentation. These skills are used on PowerPoints, research papers and more. In order to complete this task, I had to learn an abundant amount of information. For instance, I first had to learn how to use the program Dreamweaver Cs5, which is a web designing program. Before this, I learned how to use HTML language, which is the encoding language of a website so that the browser knows how display the website. When I finally knew how to make a working website, I then learned how to make it appealing to the viewer. For this I had to learn how to use CSS... or Cascading Style Sheets, which allowed for me to change color, font type, and much more. Once I learned how to create a presentable web site, I then learned how to make animations from the Adobe program Flash. This process of learning was very easy to me. I was required to create a Flash animation for this web site and it can be seen on the home page named "The Hunt." I only encountered a few obstacles while creating this website. For instance, I had a hard time making the videos on my web site have controls on it that allow the viewer to control when they view the video playing and more. I overcame this obstacle by looking online for help. I also had trouble setting the background color, but I fixed this problem by playing with the CSS document. After I thought that I finished my web site, I viewed it online to make sure that it was working well. If it wasn't, I went back to edit the problems. This task helped me to understand the concepts of Web Graphics because I found out all the components to make a web site both presentable, and workable. Much time and effort and knowledge goes on during the process, and planning needs to be done before the building gets started. Completing this task has helped me as a student because I have had yet another experience in which I had to organize my ideas and make the layout of my information presentable. So now I have more talent with these concepts. I also have more experience with researching, so I am quicker at obtaining my research. In the future, I anticipate using skills that I used from this task. For instance, I will use my skills of researching, organization, and getting a viewer's attention. To conclude, this common task gave me a lot of beneficial skills and experiences that will very likely be used in the future.