Bertram 28

In 1971 the Bertram 28 is introduced. This boat is built in six models and enjoyed a total production of over 2200 boats, the greatest production run in Bertram's history. It was made until 1994. It had a 23 degree deadrise and ran for 23 years. This boat was 11 feet wide and weighed 12,000-13,000lbs.

Bertram 31

This was the first boat that bertram built. Before the molds were finally retired, the company built 1,860 Bertram 31's over 16 years, including 23 special-edition models. The 31 came in four configurations. The original open Sportfisherman had a lower
steering station and no aft bulkhead. The Fly Bridge Cruiser added a rear
bulkhead. Bertram also offered the 31 as a hardtop and as an express
cruiser, the Bahia Mar.

Bertram 33

Despite its rather low profile, this 33 was a big boat. It had a 12'8" beam and the gas model weighs in at 20,730 lbs.


Bertram 37

Although not as common of a Bertam the Bertram 37 is probobly the most practical bertram ever made. This bertram was designed with speed in mind. Power options ranged from 340-530hp but people have been known to put 600hp diesels. With 480hp Yanmar engines it will go 31 Knots and at cruizing speeds it will get 2/3-3/4 Mpg.