For my common task for Web Graphics and design I had to create a website that includes at least 9 pages and a flash. My website has 10 pages and a Flash of a deep-V hulled boat in rough water. The flash had to include 4 layers and at least 200 frames. I used my previous knowlage of Flash animations and using dreamweaver. If i did not know how to use these programs i would not have been able to create this website. The first step i took to complete this task was make a website plan, the next step was to create my flash, then i gathered pictures online, lastly i built the website. On the last day my construction and design page gave me problems so i had to abandon it. Also, my navigation bars were giving me trouble so for each page i manually went in to code and fixed it. This task has helped me to understand how a website is built. It taught me how a web site plan, Flash animation, navigation bar, html code, works cited pages, and footers fome together to create a website. Because of this I can now build an effictive and appealing website. In the future i could build my own website to advertise a buisness i might start or to help sell something.