How do they hold up?

Bertrams hold up extremely well. While it is uncommon to see one in disrepair, these boats are not perfect. It would suprise many people that most Bertrams have a major problem with leaky gererator hitches ruining the generators. But this is really the only problem they have.

Big Waves? no Problem

Bertrams have been known to be very strong boats. These boats have been known to be able to survive catagory 5 hurricanes with no structural issues. These ruggid boats can also take rouge waves. A man named once took a 35 foot breaker in a bertram 42 and after it fell 25 feet through the air, not one system failed.

42 big wave42 wave

The smaller boats like the 28 and 31 are very popular in rough ocean envirnnments like New Zearland where boats have to go through massive breakers on a daily basis.

boat NZ