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For this common task, I had to pick a topic I was interestead in and make a fully functional website centered around that point of interest. I had to create a minimum of 8 pages on Dream Weaver that all had to link together, I also had to research and take notes on new information I required while making this website. To learn knowledge for this task, I had to research the Miami heats jereseys, their draft history, and their championships, combined with my prior knowledge about the teams Star players. Some skills that I acquired during this task was the ability to link a picture to its source, you will do this by clicking on the picture, hitting HTML, hitting link, and pasting the source. I did not know how to do this before this task. The skills I acquired are important because if I ever try to make a nother website such as my final, I will know how, it was also important to this specific task becasue I needed to site the orignal author of the picture. First and foremost, I had to create a website plan, descrbing what page I was going to make, and what is going to be on that page, next, I had to find all the pictures I was going to use in my website, and copy down their source. After that, I had to research all the excess information for my team such as their draft history, and Star Players. Finally, I had to put this in a dream weaver lay out, and create a website. One obstacle I had to overcome was formatting the website, and making all of the colors look nice together. To work around these errors, I had to change my formatting from my original desire and work with what I was given. This task helped me understand Dream Weaver because in the future, dream weaver can be used to present projects and now I know how to make this dream (weaver) become a reality. The completion of this task helped me better myself as a student by teaching me the key elemets of note taking, and information gathering. I plan on using the skills this taught me in other class and becoming a great student.