Throughout this project I had many difficulties and some problems, but overall this project was very fun and and creative. The task was to create a website about whatever topic we wanted. The topic i chose was Dustin Pedroia. The process used to complete the task was a chart showing what order my website will be in and what information is in it. Some skills acquired while doing this was how to add pictures and how to change the color of the text and the background. These skills were important for this task because it improved the look and appearence of my website. The process was to create a outline of the my website then make the actual website and put the information on it. Lastly I had to create a adobe flash showing what my topic does or is. Some obstacles I ran into were linking the pages and changing the fonts. For my troubles I asked my classmates for help. This task didnt really help me understand Web Graphics. This task has tought me alot more about computers and designing websites.