College Cheerleading

In College Cheerleading it is totally different than high school cheerleading. You Need to have a certain gradepoint average, two to three hour practices either in the morning after noon or at night. Most college coaches do not change practice cause of your schedule with classes.


With try outs depending on the college that you go to the difficulty levels will be different. Certain college's they want you to do certain stunts and also will perform different tumbling.


Also during college cheer there are camps that you go to. During high school camps you want to have the most spirit, but with college camps its more casual.


When you make a college cheer team you need to act respectiable with your uniform on and off. The reason why is because people see you on the team and expect you to not get into any trouble when you are not in your uniform. The reason why is because then that puts a bad name not to just you but also your team, team mates, and your teams coach.



It is more common for male cheerleaders in College Cheerleading than high school cheerleading.