Reflection Page

Brittnie Gaudlap
Mr. Herz
Web Design
4 June 2015
Creating a Website
Cheerleading is a really interesting sport, but some can disagree with cheerleading being a sport. The task that I completed is we had to make a website about something that we are interested in, such as a hobby, a career, or a sport etc. You needed to have a home page that had an introduction on it with at least five other pages, a  reflection page and a works cited page; so a total of eight pages. A flash animation either on the index page or listed on the global navigational bar. What I had to learn to be able to make this website is how to work Dream Weaver. The reason why is because there is a lot of little details that you need to know to be able to make the full website. The skills that I acquired doing this task is that I know how to make a website. The importance of this skill for this task is because if you did not know how to do anything with Dream Weaver then you would fail this task; the reason why you would fail is because you need to link all the links together and with not knowing how to work Dream Weaver then you would not have been able to link them together. The process that I used to complete this task is I got a lot of information about cheerleading then put it on the page that the information belonged on; then I decorated the page with pictures. After I did all of that I made a flash of the word Cheerleading. The obstacles that I ran into was trying to make my flash. The reason why I had troubles with making my flash is because it kept replaying and replaying, so I had to figure out how to turn the looping off which was difficult. How this has helped me with understanding Web Design is that trying to do Web Design is really hard; you have to be really patient with the project that you are making on Web Design and also you have to be able to remember many different things that you can do with Web Design. How completing this task has helped me as a student is that I learned a lot about making a website and that it is not easy to make a website. The skill that I used is flash and also dream weaver. How I anticipate using this skill that I learned to make this task happen in the future is by knowing how to use different kinds of website making tools for projects that I might have to do in college or in the real world working.