Common Misconceptions

Many people assume things that are very untrue about twins. Here are some common ones...

1. Twins have the same fingerprints. This is incorrect. In case you were curious, I can't hack into my twin sister's iPhone because we do not have the same fingerprint.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 1.07.46 PM

2. Twins can feel each other's pain. If you have heard stories of this, they are complete nonsense. I have never felt my sister's pain, and any twins who say they have are probably just looking for attention and fame.


3. Twins can read each other's thoughts through telepathy. This is one of the most pathetic myths that I have heard- I swear I can not read my twin's mind. Sure, we know each other very well and may be able to guess each other's thoughts due to this, but this can happen with any close people.


4. It is impossible to tell identical twins apart. This is very untrue. After getting to know us, almost anyone can figure out how to tell my sister and I apart. Although we have the same DNA, we do not look exactly alike. Despite this, some people don't even bother to try to learn to tell us apart.

Tell a Set of Identical Twins Apart Step 3 Version 2.jpg

5. You have to get twins the same gifts. While people who do this have good intentions so that one twin is not offended, it can be quite annoying to receive the same present. My sister and I do not want to be seen in the same clothes or with the same things, but when people give us identical gifts, this can be difficult.