Never would I have guessed that I could create a website within about ten total hours of class time.  Prior to taking Web Graphics and Design class, I had always thought of making a webpage as a long and complicated process involving coding with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other computer languages.  I knew a bit about these processes from earlier in the semester and from some prior outside experience, but I did not feel confident enough to make a working website.  However, using Adobe Dreamweaver for this task allowed me to form a functioning website relatively quickly.  As an identical twin, I chose to create my website about being a twin and the misconceptions that people have about twins.  I needed to use Dreamweaver and incorporate some of my HTML and CSS knowledge to create this website, and I also needed to use Adobe Flash to create an animation for my site, which we had practiced earlier in the semester.

To create the site, I first planned out the navigational layout and what I would include on each page.  I also outlined the purpose and objective audience of the website.  After this, I began to create the pages using a template.  I had difficulty figuring out how to change the color scheme of the site, so I managed to change it manually using HTML.  I added a navigational bar with links between each page and put the actual content on the site using Dreamweaver.  Again, I could not figure out how to change the color of specific key words, so I solved this by using HTML and CSS.  When I finished the majority of the site, I used Adobe Flash to create an animation for the home page of my website.  Then, I went back and linked all of the pictures I retrieved from the internet to the pages they came from and I made a works cited.

Completing this assignment has allowed me to understand Web Design because by making one simple change on Dreamweaver, I could see all of the changes in the code of the HTML document.  This reaffirmed my understanding that coding to create a website can be difficult and complex, but there are tools such as Dreamweaver to help.  Henceforth, I will be able to create websites when I would like to publish my ideas with more confidence and understanding of the process.  As a student, this task has taught me not to give up so easily when facing challenges because there are almost always ways to overcome these problems by taking different routes.  In the future, this philosophy will aid me when completing school assignments and when facing issues in the real world.  Overall, completing the task of creating a website has taught me invaluable skills and lessons that will continue to be applicable to the real world.