What Twins are Sick of Hearing

Twins have to hear the same comments over and over again, so it can become annoying. Here are some things twins hear a lot that you might want to avoid saying...

1. "Who's older?" I have answered this question what feels like hundreds of times, but does it really matter who's older? We're practically the same age...

2. "Have you ever switched places?" I hear this all the time, but have never done it. Most students and many teachers can tell my twin and I apart (although we're "identical"), so it wouldn't work!

3. "The twins..." When people say "the twins did this" or similar comments, it groups us together. Even if only one of us said something, people view it as both of us saying it, which is completely untrue.

4. "I wish I had a twin!" Don't be so quick to say this! Being a twin is not synonymous with having someone exactly like you who you can talk to about anything. Even though I am a twin, I can still say I wish I had someone exactly like me (because although it may seem so, my twin is not).

5. "Are you [twin's name] or [other twin's name]?" It is understandable that you might forget which twin is which for a little while after first meeting them, but if it has been a while that you've known them, try to figure out their name somehow else (they might be offended).

6. "Yes! I got it right!" It can be funny when people jokingly say this, but it is a 50/50 chance, and in many cases, the person should have been able to know anyways.

7. "Are you going to go to the same college as each other?" How would we know? I say I don't want to, but I can't plan that far ahead!

8. "You look exactly alike!" This is definitely the most offensive of these comments. DON'T SAY THIS!

9. "Do you like being a twin?" This is a hard question, as there are many ups and downs, so if you want an honest answer, only ask if you have a good hour to listen.

10. "Are you twins?" This comment just puts a spotlight on twins as being different.