Barney Stinson

Barney Stinson is one of the most, if not the, most memorable character on "How I Met Your Mother." Barney Stinson is a thrill seeking, "womanizing" character who, throughout the series, proves to be more than just his tough exterior.

Barney's career is undefined. All his friends, as well as viewers, know is that he works at Goliath National Bank and has a high paying job. No matter where Barney is, however, and no matter what job he has, he always wears a suit. His suit wearing has led to one of his many famous catch phrases "suit up!"

Barney has many more famous catch phrases on the show such as..

"True story..." // "Awesome!" // "High five!" // "Challenge accepted!" // "Bro..."

and most importantly...

"It's going to be legend- wait for it... dary!"

Barney's catch phrase of "legendary" is attributed to his need to live life to the fullest. This thrill seeking, always on-the-go life that Barney lives causes the gang to find themselves in some pretty sticky situations.






- funny

- confident

- "softie"

- naive

- fun spirited