Lily Aldrin

Lily is one of Ted's best friends from college, as well as Marshall's girlfriend since college. Lily has the most sarcastic sense of humor out of all of her friends, which sometimes gets her into trouble. However, Lily always rights her wrongs and wears her heart on her sleeve.

Lily's relationship with Marshall is iconic to the show. Lily and Marshall are known as the cute couple, the couple that stands together through thick and thin, and the couple that tells each other everything. They even have nicknamed themselves as "Marshmellow and Lilypad," a play on both of their names. Throughout the show, the couple face many ups and downs, from the birth of their child Marvin, to the death of Marshall's father.

Lily is an elementary school teacher throughout the series, but dreams of having a profession in the arts. In Season 2 Lily leaves Manhattan to take a summer long art program scholarship in Sanfransisco, California. This causes tension between the group, but is quickly forgiven as they realize Lily needed to chase her dream.



- sarcastic

- loving

- down to earth

- grounded

- talkitive