Marshall Eriksen

Marshall Erikson is Ted's best friend from college. Originally from Minnesota, Marshall is without a doubt the friendliest character on "How I Met Your Mother" and is known for his caring and outgoing personality.

Marshall is best known on the show for being in a long term, loving relationship with Lily Aldrin. Marshall had met Lily in college and knew it was "love at first sight." (Refer to Lily's page for more on "Marshmellow and Lilypad.) In the pilot episode, Marshall proposes to Lily. The two are engaged for a while until Lily decideds to chase her dream as being an artist in California, causing the two to split for a brief period of time before they come back together and eventually get married.

Marshall, much like Robin and also Ted, also struggles in his career endeavors. Marshall's dream is to become an environmental lawyer. He had attended Law School in order to one day "save the environment." However, Marshall, due to financial constraints ends up taking a long term job at Goliath National Bank, becoming what he calls, "a corporate sell-out." Marshall persists to be positive about the future however. Marshall's career as a lawyer causes him to correct and point out errors in his friends words, bringing about the catchphrase "lawyered."





- friendly

- outgoing

- kind

- romantic

- believer