Robin Scherbatsky

Robin Scherbatsky is an essential character to the show. As Ted's "first love" she quickly becomes part of the "gang." Robin's most prominent characteristic that she is proud of is that she is Canadian. Her Canadian nationality eventually becomes a running joke for all of her friends, although Robin persists to be a proud Canadian. Robin is a strong woman. She enjoys less-than-feminine things such as drinking hard Scotch and being a gun enthusiast.

Robin initially moved to New York to pursue a career in journalism. Robin has many low end jobs as a news reported and struggles to reach her dream job at "World Wide News," however she ends up working there after persisting for many years.

In Season 3 of "How I Met Your Mother" it is revealed that, while she lived in Canada, Robin was a teen popstar known as Robin Sparkles. Her hit song "Let's go to the Mall" appears multiple times throughout the series, as well as other hit Robin Sparkles episodes.

Robin's love life, starting with Ted, is also highlighted throughout the show as she later on dates another member of the gang, Barney Stinson. Her on-again-off-again relationship with Barney created an undeniable love triangle between her, Ted and Barney, and leaves viewers rooting for Robin to be the mother on edge.



- realist

- witty

- strong

- sarcastic