Ted Mosby

Ted Mosby is the character that the show is centered around. Ted narrates the story of how he met their mother to them, however the story takes quite a while to tell. The action of the show actually serves as the story Ted tells, therefore each episode is a string of memories that Ted shares, all leading up to how he met "the mother."

Ted's love life is the fuel that adds fire to "How I Met Your Mother." The pilot episode shows Ted pining after a beautiful woman (Robin Scherbatsky) whom he later becomes best friends with, and even has an on-and-off again relationship with. In attempts to win Robin over, Ted steals a blue french horn, an iconic symbol to "How I Met Your Mother" fans. Ted has a plethera of girlfriends throughout the show, even being engaged once, which adds to the myster of who the mother is.

At the beginning of the series, Ted is employed as an architect. Having little success and frustrated with his job, he later finds himself unemployed, until he takes a position as a professor.




- romantic

- funny

- intelligent

- poetic

- optimistic