Who's Better

Determining which Computer producer is better depends on what catigory about the computers you are talking about.

Windows PC = Mac Desktop | Windows Laptop = Mac Notebook

As you can see the selling prices for average retail selling prices flucuate for the different computers, but with out a doubt the Windows PC/Desktop and laptop are an imensly lower price than the Mac Desktop and Notebook. The price difference for the Windows Pc is about $1000 dollars less then the Mac Desktop and the Windows Laptop is about $800 dollars less throughout the 3 years. I think its obvious who is the better choice in the price catigory.

This is a percentage of the amount of people that have a Mac and the amount of people that have a PC in 2013. I would say that PCs are considerably more popular than Macs from the fact the 3/4s of the people who took the poll had PCs.

From the Information I collected the PC looks a lot more popular and have the better price for people who are looking for computers and Laptops.