Throughout the year we prepared ourselves to be able to create a website on our own for the end of the year. In order to do this, I needed to be able to know how to create an adobe flash. The adobe flash was used to reflect on what we are making our website about. My adobe flash was of a gymnast of a trampoline. The skills I acquired during this task was how to make a website.  The importance of learning these skills will be important later on in life if I ever decide to do something with Web Graphics on a computer. Some obstacles I encountered through this project was during the adobe flash creation. I went about the trouble by figuring out a different way to approach my struggle. This task helped me understand Web Design by showing me what would be needed from me if I ever decided I wanted to do this in the future. Lastly, this helped me as a student by letting me gain knowledge so if I ever need to know this throughout the rest of my high school years.