Web Design Learning Reflection

Joey Levesque
Mr. Herz
Web Graphics & Design
10 June 2015

            Every day people use the internet to gain information through websites, but does everyone know how to actually make a website? In this Web Graphics & Design Task I was asked to create a website. My website is about the Boston Red Sox. My website consists of a total of eight pages. The home page, which includes an introduction with links to five additional pages including a page about the front office of the Red Sox (Owner and General Manager), the coaches, the roster, Fenway Park (the field on which the Red Sox play), and the individual player awards Red Sox players have earned throughout their careers. On the Fenway Park page of my website there is an Adobe Flash animation of a stick figure hitting a home run out of Fenway Park. The skills needed in order to complete this task include being able to successfully create an animation using Adobe Flash that involves aspects such as tweens and drawing. In addition, being able to properly use Dreamweaver and how to operate aspects such as color and importing a picture Adobe Flash is significant. Additionally, I learned many new skills that can help me in the future. These skills include being able to organize my words and pictures so that they can be easily understood when read and presented to people that want to learn about the Red Sox.

Furthermore, I started this task by doing research on the Boston Red Sox. I developed an efficient system where I could create a slide, do research on the topic of the slide, and then put the information onto the slide.  After all of the words were on the page, I incorporated pictures for an illustration of the topic. I continued to do this for every slide. During the process of completing this common task I encountered obstacles such as properly aligning text and pictures and also making it so that the color scheme in each of the different web pages were identical. I overcame these obstacles by going back to former web pages that I have completed for practice to reinforce my memory. This task helped me better understand web design by allowing me to enforce the knowledge I have honed throughout the entire semester into one project.

Ultimately, the completion of this task has helped me as a student by allowing me to organize my skills better and better utilize my time due to the fact that I only had a limited amount of time to finish the project. I plan on using the skills I learned and worked on in this task in the future by creating and presenting information in other classes and also possibly creating a website on a certain topic I have interest in.