I never thought that I would be able to understand website management never mind design and create my own website.  This task allowed me to create a website on a topic of my choosing. I choose to do my project on the town of Narragansett. It required that I create a website with a homepage with an introduction, at least five additional pages, a reflection page, and a works cited page. It also required me to create an original flash that related to my topic and insert 4 additional pieces of media. I was able to use previous skills in working on my project. I used my knowledge of the Flash program. I utilized free transform and tweens to create a Flash animation that was well timed and visually appealing. I also used skills I had to manipulate Dreamweaver. In Dreamweaver I was able to link webpages to other webpages, create an appealing text format, name pages, as well as create new ones. My previous knowledge allowed me to create an appealing and user- friendly site.  In completing this task, I was able to acquire a few new skills. One skill was learning to make my own template. I also learned how to edit the templates previously provided. Further, I learned how to link pictures to their original source. These new skills in combination with previous skills have given me a much better understanding of web design.                 

To create this website I first had to create a plan. The plan included the content and formatting set up my website would have.  After completing my plan I began to create my webpage template.  Using my new template I was able to begin creating my webpages. My webpages required some research. After completing research I began putting content on my website, linking pages, and inserting media. One of the key pieces of media I inserted was my Flash animation. This animation required me to come up with an original idea and execute it using my Flash skills. One of the main obstacles I faced when completing my website was creating an editable template. I was unhappy with the original template provided so I created a new one. I had to change colors, format, and text styles. I found that it was more difficult than anticipated, but after exploring Dreamweaver and asking the teacher questions I was able to figure out a solution. The next issue I faced was making my template editable. After exploring Dreamweaver and doing some research I found that I had to change the file type upon saving my template. These complications made the project more difficult but in the end I was able to solve them and create a website I was proud of. This task helped my understanding of Web Design by combining multiple skill in one project. I was able to use this project as an opportunity to combine my skills and see what goes into creating a website. I used both technology skills and problem solving skills when creating this website which allowed me to better understand what goes into Web Design.                

This task helped me as a student by increasing my technology skill level. I was able to show my proficiency in HTML coding, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Adobe Flash. These technological skills will help me in the future as a student by giving me the ability to create websites and succeed in other technological projects. I anticipate using my web designs skills in high school and beyond. Being able to create a website will give me a unique way to share information and research, this ability will allow me to stand out as I search for opportunity as a student and one day professional.