Dewey Finn: Creater and former member of No Vacancy; Lead vocals and guitarist





Rosalie Mullins: Principle of the Horace Green prep school








Ned Schneebly: Roommate/friend of Dewey Finn








Patty Di Marco: Girlfriend/ Ex-girlfriend of Ned Schneebly






Billy "Fancy Pants": Stylist






Summer Hathaway "Tinkerbell": Band manager







Zack Mooneyham "Zack-Attack": Lead guitarist






Lawrence "Mr. Cool": Keyboards






Freddy "Spazzy McGee": Drummer









Katie "Posh Spice": Bass guitar






Tomika "Turkey Sub": Singer






Marta "Blondie": Backup singer







Alicia "Brace Face": Backup singer







Groupies: Eleni & Michelle







Security: Frankie "Tough Guy" & Leonard "Short Stop"






Assistants: Marco "Carrot Top" & Gordon "Roadrunner"