In this movie, there isn't the normal lovey dovey theme of "you're prince charming will come someday", but instead there is the message of self confidence and not caring about race, weight, gender, etc.

To begin with, we have Dewey: a slightly overweight loser who got kicked out of his own band. He never thought he would ever be able to follow his dreams of creating music, but at the end of the movie he is a famous singer in a band fll of children, but he doesn't care because he is doing what he loves. His message is to never ever give up; your dream will come true one day.

Next, let's talk about Dewey and Billy. Billy "Fancy Pants" is a gay, young boy who has a passion for fashion. When he asked to be the band's stylist Dewey didn't even blink, he just gave Billy the job. Dewey didn't are that Billy was a boy, he just gave him what he wanted, even if it was a so called "girly" job.

Also, we have Tomika and Dewey. Tomika is a bigger young black woman who happens to have a spectacular voice. When she is not given the part as lead, she goes to Dewey after class to ask if she could have it. He lets her audition without question, and after belting out her song with perfection, he gave her the part as lead backup singer. Dewey didn't care about her race, weight, or gender; all he cared about was the fact that she had an amazing voice. This is something everyone, and I mean everyone, should learn; don't judge people based on background or looks, judge them on talent and personality.

Dewey's sole purpose in this movie is to empower and inspire the children and himself, and that's what we should all live by.