In this task, I had to design and create a website using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 on a topic of my choice. The website had to include 8 pages, including an introduction page, a works cited page, and a reflection page. Also, I had to create a flash animation using Adobe Flash Professional CS5. In order to complete this task, I had to learn some content including how to edit a template from Dreamweaver to my liking and how to create a flash using a motion tween.

In completing this task, there wer emany steps I had to go through. First, I had to create a plan in Microsoft Word describing what would be on each page and what the purpose of my website was. Then, I had to complete each webpage with the required information on each according to my plan. Finally, I created the flash and converted it to a movie so I could place it onto my introduction page for viewing. Some obstacles I encountered during this process was that I could not think of what to do for a flash, and then when I did find an idea, I could not get it to do what I wanted. In the end, I changed the flash slightly to make it easier for me to make and better looking to the viewers. This task helped me to understand Web Design in many ways. My respect for website designers has increased greatly after going through this lengthy and quite difficult process. Also, I now know that making a website is a lot more difficult than it looks, and it requires much time for even the simplest of tasks.

The completion of this task has helped me as student in many ways. I now know how to successfully use Adobe Dreamweaver to create any website I desire and Adobe Flash to create any kind of animation I want. Moreover, I can use the skills and content learned during this task in future school projects and beyond.