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Good Parts

Companies Inventing the Product

Bad Parts

The Future


Basic History

This all starts in the mid 1950s, a cinematographer named Morton Heiling wanted to make an experience that wuld be more effective with drawing the audience into the storuies than actual theatere. Morton ended up making the Snesorama, and it included fans, odoir emitters, speakers, a moving chair, and a good display. The general public, on the other hand, didn't really become of aware of Virtual Reality existing until the 1990's came and Nintendo released the Virtual Boy.

Haven't heard of it? Most people have not, and that is a good thing. Nintendo has been trying to cover this up for years, and its actually working rather decently. Heres a picture of what it could look like while using it:

Do your eyes hurt yet? The Virtual Boy was not only expensive and cumbersome , but just about everyone who used it got sick because it did not track movement at all and people's brains got confused. A year later, Nintendo realized how awful it was and took it off the market.

Fast forward about a decade or two to the present day, where Facebook, Samsung, and Google are all trying to get ahead of the game and revive Virtual Reality so that it becomes mainstream.