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Miranda Manzi
Mr. Herz
Web Design
2 June 2015
Making a Website

Have you ever had to build a website? In a class called Web Graphics I had to make a website on any topic I wanted to for the final project. At the beginning of the semester we learned HTML, it wasn’t really that hard (I just don’t test well), and Mr. Herz said that we would need it for the final project, but he lied to me. After that we learned how to make websites, the only really bad part about this was how repetitive making the websites were. Eventually, we moved onto Animation, and that was actually rather easy once I got the hang of it. During this task I demonstrated my copy and pasting skills when I embedded the videos into the websites, used my skills of copying and pasting yet again when I got the citations off of easybib,  my animation skills by making the flash animation that I have plastered on the top of every single page, etc. In order to make the website as quickly and efficiently as possible I ended up working on multiple pages at one time and making the works cited as I go. I made the flash animation first, so I wouldn’t have to worry about it later. I didn’t encounter any obstacles while doing this task at all, and if I did have any errors I would have asked Mr. Herz for help. This task helped me better understand Web Design because I now know how to design, plan, and upload a website. The completion of this task helped me as a student because I learned how to better manage my time and get stuff done. I anticipate that I could be using what I learned during this task in a future job, or at a place of higher learning.