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Basic History

Good Parts

Companies Inventing the Product

Bad Parts

The Future

For this we can look at the year 2022. Let's look at a (horrible) show (just watch the abridged) called Sword Art Online *unenthusiastic yay *

I decided to look at this show becuase it's the only real prediction that I know of as to what the sort-of-near future would look like.

I don't want anyone watching this so i'm just going to give the basic plot:

A boy who is I forgot how many years old puts on some NerveGear(a virtual reality headset) and enters the game called Sword Art Online. After teaching someone how to play they try to log out, and they can't (dun dun DUN... not really). So, the creator of the game teleports them all to the first town, and gives them the jist of the game: You die in the game you die in real life, you look like you do in real life, and the only way to get out is to beat all 100 floors.

If you did not want to read that, you can just watch the abridged. Oh and VULGARITY WARNING!!!