Molly McGreevy
Mr. Herz
Web Graphics & Design
4 June 2015

Jared Spool, the author of Web Site Usability: A Designer’s Guide, wrote, “Intuitive design is how we give the user new superpowers.” After completing this course and common task I could not agree with this statement more. For this common task I was required to create a website using Adobe Dreamweaver that had at least eight pages, including a works cited and reflection, included four objects such as pictures and included an original animation created using Adobe Flash Professional on the home page. The website could be about any topic of my choice, and I selected the Girl Scouts. The website was a perfect project to illustrate all that I have learned this year. This includes learning about Flash, learning how to use Dreamweaver and how to link pictures on a website. However, with this website I also used skills that I possessed prior to this class including researching skills and how to create a works cited. Both of those tasks were extremely essential to be successful with this project.

The first step to completing the website was to create a design plan of how I wanted the layout of the website to be. That step was fairly simple because it was something that the class had done earlier in the year. Next I researched my topic and found pictures, all while working on a works cited. Then I added all the information and pictures to the site. Lastly, I created my animation and added that to the website. In my opinion, the animation was by far the most difficult aspect of the project. However, although it took a long time and I had to look back at my previous animations for reference, the end result was a 15ish second animation of a girl wearing all of the different scout uniforms. This task helped me to better my understanding of Web Design because I learned how an actual website is put together. It takes a lot more time then I initially thought. I now have a superior appreciation of the skills, and patience, necessary to successfully create a website.

With all factors considered, I would not consider myself to be a very patient or artistically capable person and both of those skills were required for this task. I learned to be more patient with the programs that I was using, because computers do not always load very quickly. Also, despite my lack of drawing abilities, I learned which fonts and colors look more visually appealing on a website. Although I might not ever create another website, the skills that I learned in this class will help carry me through this technologically evolved world.