We all visit several websites a day, but have you ever considered how they are made? For this common task, I designed a website using Adobe Dreamweaver that focused on the Greek language. First, I planned out my website, deciding what content each of my pages was going to focus on, including how it would be presented so that it would be aesthetically pleasing and easy to use to the viewer. Afterwards, I spent approximately two weeks inputting my information and deisgning my website to my liking. Throughout this process, I used my previous knowledge of Dreamweaver that I had acquired during the Web Graphics & Design course, and I used all of this knowledge to help me in deisgning my website. This inlcluded changing the colors of my website to match the Greek flag, making sure all of my links led to the correct places, and even using Adobe Flash to create the animated banner on the homepage of my website. The skills that I learned and acquired throughout this task will proove useful in future projects regarding website design, graphic design, and the like

To complete this project, I had to (as mentioned before), plan my website before actually being able to deisgn it and do my research. One of the toughest things I had to do was decide what exactly to talk about. The Greek language is a huge topic, so narrowing it down to a few different web pages of information was tough. However, I eventually divided my research into categories and was able to complete my website. One of the more technical complications I encountered was changing the colors of all of the parts of the web page. It was difficult for me to figure this out, and it was tedious once I did, because having several web pages and making them all look the same is difficult and requires extreme attention to detail. Despite these challenges, I believe that I have a more enhanced understanding of web design. After working with the program for a decent amount of time, I feel as though I have a basic understanding of its capabilities, and I can safely say that I could complete another aesthetically pleasing website any time I chose on any topic.

The completion of this task has taught me several things, such as patience, motivation, and organization. Patience is very important when working with a slightly unfamiliar computer program. I had to slowly learn how to figure out how to accomplish what I wanted in terms of the deisgn of my webiste, which required a lot of patience, as I had to test out different options until I found what I wanted. This pereseverence could be applied to other school projects as well. Next, having the motivation to not give up on my quest for an aesthetically pleasing website seemed tough in the beginning. However, I chose a website topic that I was highly interested in and already had previous experience talking about, so staying motivated to complete the website and make it look up-to-standard wasn't entirely difficult, but it definitely honed my motivation and taught me that I can work through anything. Staying motivated to finish a difficult and lenghty assignment will definitely help me in the future as a student. Lastly, keeping organized was extremely important for this task, because I had to design a number of separate pages to look the same. Not only that, but I had to make sure all of the links on each of the pages behaved correctly, which required great attention to detail and a lot of re-checking. Needing to keep everything organized and pay close attention to detail will most likely help me with future projects that have many steps or require a lot of small details.