Learn Greek

If you're someone who is interested in learning the Greek language, here are some helpful resources to check out.

Smartphone Apps
Learn Greekā„¢ - Free - Available on AppStore - This app uses a combination of words and pictures to help beginners make the connections and quickly learn the language. The app developers work closely with a linguist to ensure that the language can be learned in the most efficient way possible.

Learn Greek - Free - Available on AppStore and GooglePlay - This app offers an easy and quick way to learn several of the most common words and phrases in the Greek language by presenting you with a few words per day, as to gradually build up a stable vocabulary. This app also features many handy cultural insights into daily life in Greece, making it an effective travel handbook.

Innovative Language 101 - Free - Available on AppStore and GooglePlay - This app features lessons that are fun, easy, but are able to help you memorize and speak your language of choice. Featuring several other languages as well as Greek, this app has taken all of the feedback from their website and has turned it into one hand-held, mobile language learning device.

Computer Programs
Rosetta Stone - Up to $219 - Available on the Rosetta Stone website - This high-end software combines the sophisticated use of pictures, sounds, and words to help you learn the Greek language. Developed with extensive research and with the help of professional linguists, this software is worth the money if you are looking to get a very good education on the language and be able to speak it fluently in a short amount of time. Rosetta Stone has also become available on your mobile smartphone or tablet with a monthly subscription.

Pimsleur - $230 for MP3, $495 for CD - Available on the Pimsleur website - This software uses the Pimsleur method to effectively teach you the Greek language. This method includes one thirty-minute session of learning the language per day in order to keep your mind engaged with the language and prevent any loss of memory. This software is available in MP3 or CD form, and can be taken anywhere in combination with their free app.

Transparent Language - Between $16.66 and $29.95 per month - Available on the Transparent Language website - This program offers language training that can be taken at your own pace to ensure that you are completely comfortable with the language. This program also offers monthly payments as opposed to a one-time offer, which can be more affordable to some people. This easy to use program will take you step by step and allow for a reqarding language-learning experience.

Other Resources
Pocket Dictionary - Buy new for $13.38 on Amazon - Using a pocket dictionary to self-teach basic words in Greek can take a long time, but with rigorous practice, you canend up speaking Greek. Not only does a dictionary provide translations, it also tells you how to spell the word and, sometimes, in what context it is used, which can be extremely helpful when learning a language the old-fashioned way.

Tutoring - Prices range depending - Available on the Omniglot website - Finding a local tutor near you is easy with the help of Omniglot. Simply type in "Greek," your zip code, and Omniglot will give you a list of local tutors near you that are willing to work with you and set up a schedule to help you learn Greek in an effetive way.