Unique Words

All languages have specific words that do not translate into one other specific word in English. These words, rather, can potentially represent things that are unique to that language's culture. The following are interesting words and phrases that are unique to Greek.

ιστορίες με αρκούδες (istoríes me arkoúdes) - "stories with bears"; narrated events that seem so crazy that they can't possibly be true

κάτι τρέχει στα γύφτικα (káti tréchei sta gýftika) - "not of importance"; Who cares?

με χαρα (me chara) - "with joy"; said to someone who buys something new and expensive in hopes that they will enjoy it

κρεβάτιμουρμούρα (krevátimourmoúra) - "bed murmur"; when someone keeps complaining of something all night while their partner is trying to sleep

ξενία (xenía) - concept of hospitality that is shown to those who have traveled and are far from home

καμάκι (kamáki) - Greek men seeking female tourists to court

ξένος (xénos) - "foreigner"; a traveler who is brought into long-distance friendship; someone who is a foreigner with no intentions of relationship

παρέα (paréa) - a group of friends gathering purely for each other's enjoyment and company, regardless of time spent apart

μεράκι (meráki) - "ardor"; adoration for something one has made by themselves

κέφι (kéfi) - the frenzied spirit of joy and high spirits