Have you ever wanted to create a website? Well in Web Graphics and Design we got a chance to design are own webite on any topic we wanted. For this task we got to create a website and we had to have at least 8 pages and link them together. The skills I required was linking pictures and pages together because I wasn't used to it but then it was easier once I kept doing it. This is very important because if we didn't link you could'nt get to another page and if we didn't link the pictures and just used them that can be plagiarism. To complete my website I first, picked a topic then I create a flash. I also, created plans for the flah and website. Then, I started to create the pages of my website. I got all of my information and created the pages. Next, I linked all the pictures and the pages. Lastly, I finished all my worked cited. The obstacles I had was my flash I didn't upload to this website yet because it wasn't working. This task heped me understand web graphics because I know how to ceate a website and that could help me in the future if i own a company. This helped me as a student because I now can link pictures if im ever doing a project on the computer. I will use these skills in the future because I one day want to own a photography studio and I now know how to create a webite to show my photos to people.