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Have you ever had to create a website? Well I have! For this task we were asked to create a website based on a topic that we chose. We had to create an animation that related to our topic and insert it on one of our website pages. We had to include 8 pages including a works cited page and a reflection page. In order to complete this task we had to learn about all of the basics to create a website. These include simple things like creating links to outside websites and to other pages and linking pictures to websites. We also had to learn code so that if there was a glitch in the site we could go into the code and fix it. Another thing we learned was how to create animations which applied when we created our logo animation. We applied all of these skills when creating this website. I also learned how to make a flash animation last 500 frames which was another requirement for this task.

In order to complete this website, the first thing that we did was create our flash animation. We then created a website plan, organizing our website pages on one document. Then we began creating our website, where I first created all of my pages and then filled them in with information and pictures. Next I created links for all of the pictures and pages. I created my works cited and then put my animation onto the website. I then created my footer for all of the pages. During this process there were many obstacles, including the animation creation process. During the animation creation, for example, I had trouble making it last 500 frames. I also had trouble creating the animation itself. During the website creation, I had trouble remembering how to create the footer and also how to export the animation onto the website. When these troubles came up, I would first try to figure it out my self by experimenting and then I would ask a classmate. If they did not have the answer, I asked the teacher for assistance with the problem. This task helped me understand web design because it required me to create a website, which is web design.

This task has given me patience as a student and the ability to trouble shoot problems as I create a project. If I ever have to create a website for a business or another project I will have this task to look back on with the information I need to create the website.