Amelia Beauchemin

Mr. Herz

Web Design

9 June 2016

Did you know that scientists believe that puffer fish developed this tactic as a method of the self-defense because they are poor swimmers that cannot escape from the danger quickly? This task that I was assigned was for me to choose my own topic, puffer fishes, and create an eight page website of what I learned with a 500 framed animation to go along with it. My prior knowledge of learning how to create websites with dream weaver and animations with adobe flash helped me understand what I am doing and complete this task. Knowing how to use dream weaver and adobe flash is very important because without knowing of these skills, a student would not be able to create this kind of website.

To complete this website, I needed to manage a site into a folder for this website only. After I had gather my information of my topic, I used dream weaver to create my nine page website with nine web pages filled with my information. Once I finally finished creating the web pages, I hyper linked the web pages together. Furthermore, some obstacles have occurred such as getting the animation on the web page and working. This task helped me understand Web Design practicing web pages and learning to do a website for future assignments.

In conclusion, this task helped me become a better student on Web Design and hope to use these skills that I acquired in the future.