By completing this website, I learned how to properly make a website and successfully trouble shoot throughout the process. I had to create a website on a topic of my insterest. Before I could start my website, I had to create a website outline to organize my topics and information I would then put on it. I also created and animation of 500 consecutive frames relating to volleyball. When I began working on my website, I learned how to change the styler of the website, link pictures to websites, link the side bar, change the theme, insert animations and pictures, and change fonts. The importance of these skills for this task allowed me to personalize my website along with being able to create a working website. The process I used to complete this task was by creating my animation, completing the outline with research I did, and then finally putting all my information into a HTML document. When completing it, I encountered many problems. One of which was the animation not properly inserting, or how to change the color of my website or the font. I leanred that there are two ways to do everything, either in code or design mode making it possible to resolve my problems. This helped me understand web design due to learning the complex set up of codes and design.