Ice cream is a delicious treat around the world that many people enjoy. Here, in our hometown of Narragansett, Brickley's is the not only the main source of ice cream, but happiness too! In this common task, I was assigned to combine my knowledge about designing a website and creating a flash animation that correlates with our website. The final product of this task was a website, with information about a topic of our choice, and a Flash animation present on one of the web pages. I chose to create a website centered around the Brickley's Ice Cream Store. Throughout this year, my class has been completing practice websites and practice Flash animations to prepare. Because I practiced these skills, I was able to build upon and strengthen my skills throughout the year by creating this website. Also, I have been using my textbook, A Guide To Web Development Using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. This textbook showed and explained exactly how to create a website and animation step-by-step. I found it very helpful. This book taught me how to insert photos, set up a website and how to make an animation. I built upon these skills in my actual common task. Before even reading this book or starting the class, I had no idea about anything having to do with computers, besides how to work one. Because of the skills I learned during this course, I now know how important it is to be precise when working with a computer. For example, even if you have one simple error in your code, your whole website could easily become a mess. In order to complete this website, I first created a website plan on Microsoft Word to organize my ideas. This ideas included the certain web pages I wanted, what I wanted to share on each web page. Once this was finished I opened up Dreamweaver and began. I chose a specific template, and as I went along, I added titles, words and pictures. These visual aspects helped my web site to be more appealing. I made sure to add in my Flash animation, which I completed previous to starting my website. My biggest obstacle during this process was finding photos and information about Brickley's. This is because, half-way through creating this project, the actual Brickley's website got shut down. This website was my only source of information and I could not find information about this ice cream store anywhere else. I had to end up revising my outline because some of the information I wanted to include was not available. However, I ended up finding pictures on other sites. This task helped me to understand Web Design better because I was taught the skills needed to create a website, and I basically used all of knowledge learned throughout the year to try and create a successful product. Finally, the completion of this task has helped me as a student because not only do I know and have all the skills needed to create a website, I can put forth this knowledge in the future. Whether it is for another project, or just for fun, I know these skills will become handy. For example, if I get a job in business, I will be able to use knowledge learned in this helpful course. This class has definitely helped overall as a student.