Completing this task has greatly improved my knowlege of creating and editing websites. In this task my job was to pick a topic that I had to create an 8 page website on and construct an animation that relates to the topic. From several assignments I completed prior to this task I had a solid base of information that was needed to create a proficent animation and website. While completing this task I demonstrated my problem solving skills because many things went wrong while creating the website and the animation and I demonstrated my knowlege of using ingenuity to think of ways to make my website more interesting. These skills are important because they are skills I can use to help me with my career when I have one. To complete this website, I first created and uploaded my animation, then I planned out my website and created all the base pages. In addition I researched and filled in the information on the corresponding pages. I encountered a couple of issues during this process such as the software not working properly, and having a difficult time citing the information. To get over these challenges I worked around the software issues and found a website that helped me cite my sources. This task has helped me understand Web Design by showing me the proper techniques to create a good website. To conclude, this task has helped me grow as a student and will help me complete computer related projects in the future.