Websites all over should watch out, because I now know how to create a website. For this common task, I was assigned to create a flash animation and a working website using Adobe Dreamweaver. I decided to make my website about the Boston Celtics. I conducted research on specific topics I chose like "Celtics History" and "Celtics Roster". I learned the content needed for this task from classwork and research. My previous knowledge of the Celtics and technology helped me with this task. I also acquired new skills such as creating a website and a flash. These skills were essential in completing the task. When completing the website, I first created all of the pages without the information. Then, I researched and inserted my information onto each page. I did my works cited and reflection last. The only problem I had when making the website was creating all of the links. Creating the links was very time consuming. I overcame this problem by working hard and getting the links done. This task helped me to understand what it actually takes to be a web designer. The completion of this task has helped me to become a better student because I now know how to better use a computer and if I ever need to use DreamWeaver in the future, I will know what to do. Also, I understand how edit code in a website. I anticipate that I will need to use coding in the future, and I will be ready.