In this common task I learned so much new information about computers and about vegan life! I felt very comftorable completing this task becasue we have been practicing all the skills neccassary throughout this course! We needed to create a flash and a website on a topic that interests you. I chose veganism becasue I have been one for a couple of months. For my flash, I drew animals and a cage drop down on them. At the end I wrote on the screen "Choose your food" and then the cage dropped down again. With the completion I uploaded it as a movie and put it on the website I created eight pages. I described on each page different aspects of being a vegan and linked them all to each other and all the websites I used to gain the knowledge. I ran into the problem of having the tabs not working. Therefore, I needed to go to the code and type in the right code to be able to link. That fortunatly was the only obsticle I encountered. This really helped me be able to see how web design goes through trouble shooting to get their website up and running properly. This task helped me as a student how to use what I learned and put it all together in one project. I will probally use these skills in the future other classes creating animations or possibly in college needing to create socail media about topics. This task really broadened my horizens with the computer world!