Rules of Veganism:

What Vegan can Consume

On this webite, it explains that vegans have these healthy food options:

- All varieties of fruits and vegtables

- Beans

- Soy Based Protien Products (tofu and tempheh)

- Grains

- Herbs and Spices

- Olive Oil, Canola Oil, Avacado Oil, Sunflower Oil, etc...

How to gain the nutrition necassary in order to have a healthy diet!!

Fats and Oils- you should try and get about 30 percent of your daily food energy from healthy fats and oils, but important to avoid saturated. Good options are Olive oil and Avacado Oil.

Sugars- Please watch your intake of sugar, yes it is vegan but no it is not healthy because it is just empty calories that will not make you full!

Iron- Iron is very important because it is the substance in your red blood cells that carries oxygen to your lungs and throughout your body! It is recomended that you eat iron foods with Vitamin C foods so it is absorbed! Great examples are green vegtables, beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

Calcium- I think we all know calcium is what makes our bones strong and helps us grow. Most people have the opinion that humans can only absorb it from milk and dairy products. False. We can find it in green leafy vegtables, oranges, chickpeas, and almonds!

Protein- We all know Protein is what makes our body have energy so lets make sure we all eat it! Protein is actually in ,ost foods. Actually, there is more protein per kg in wheat gluten than beef, steak, and pork combined!! Lentils, Nuts, Beans, Seeds, and Soy foods, are keys to success in gaining enough protein!