Jordan Riendeau
Mr. Herz
Web Graphics & Design
7 June 2016
Creating a Website
            In this recent task I researched a famous basketball player for an informational website. I also made a Flash animation on the player as well. The purpose of this project was to give young athletes and older people the insight on my topics life. I chose Allen Iverson, because I was interested in his talent of basketball. This work demonstrated how I’m able to efficiently make an information website with a Flash animation on it. The Flash animation had a requirement of at least 500 frames. The skills i used to produce this work were my computer skills. I know I met the standards because of the way I had given and layed out my information on the project. This website shows that I now understand how to use Flash and Dreamweaver efficiently to create websites and animations. I now realize that making websites have a lot more to do than just typing words. This work was a learning stretch for me because of the actual planning process needed. This task improved my skills of making websites and animations and hope to use this in the future.