Max Laurie


Web Graphics and Design

9 June 2016

Did you know Baby Giraffes can stand within half an hour and after only 10 hours can actually run alongside their family. The assignment given to me was to choose a topic of interest, and find some information about that topic, write 8 pages about the topic using ideas from my own thoughts, and to create a 500 frame animation that goes along with the website. The process to understand this project is to practice using examples from prior assingments and assignments given from the teacher to help practice using the program dreamweaver. Some background knowledge using dreamweaver and adobe flash player would be helpful but if not the exmaples will give you the basic understanding to complete the task. Some skills I acquired from this task is my new knowledge in dreamweaver and flash player. The importance of the skills from dreamweaver and flash player are very important because without the knowledge of these programs, a student would not be able to complete the task proficiently.

To complete the website I had to manage the site into a folder for this website only. After I had to spread out my information into different pages according to the topic. After completing the website I had to hyperlink the webpages to each other. Some obstacles I encountered during this task were making the giraffe the way I wanted, and having the giraffe complete the tasks I wanted it to complete. The webpage was quite easy and I did not have much trouble completing it. To troubleshoot the errors, I took my time, asked questions, and looked at prior examples to help me complete the task. This task helped me to understand web design because it show the the step by step process of how to create a proper website with the animation itself.

The completion of this task has helped me to become a better student because I am now more confident about asking questions and not afraid to take my time and use the examples from the book. The skills I learned from this task I am now able to take into other classes, and when I need help I can ask questions and use the tools I am given effectively to complete the task.