In the world, over 3 billion people use the internet, and I am just one of them. But, while most of us think that the internet and websites just miraculously pop up whenever we need them, well, we are wrong. Therefore, to learn how to create a website, my Web Graphics and Design class, had to create a working website and a working Flash animation that correlates with our website. We were able to select our topics and I chose to do the Olympics. To learn how to do this, we used our textbook, A Guide to Web Development Using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. In this textbook, it showed us step by step how to create different aspects of a website or a Flash animation. Then, after reading through the important chapters and doing the practices with them, all of the different aspects were combined to make a website. In addition, I needed to know basic knowledge of a computer to do this and the rest I learned from the textbook and Mr. Herz. By doing this task, I acquired the skills of creating a website, such as, patience, how to type in code, and how to make all different types of animations. First, I learned patience because some of the time, my website or my animation would not work. That would mean that I would have to go back and go through my steps, and sometimes even start over in the process. This is important for this task because without it, I probably would have given up. Second, I learned how to type in what we call code, or known as HTML (HyperText Markup Language). HTML is a markup language that is well suited for the internet because it supports hypertext and multimedia. Hypertext is a database where text, images, and other objects can be linked. Multimedia can embed objects, such as images, video, and audio, into an HTML document. This is important for this task because if something were to go wrong with my website, I could go to the code and see if there were any errors and I could edit things like the color or layout of our website from there too. Third, I learned how to make all different types of animations. This is important for this task because without learning how to make all different types of animations, I would not have had the chance to be creative and make my animation if I did not know how to do it.

To complete my website, I made a Flash animation of the Olympic Rings. I then made a website plan which had the layout of my website on it. I then made a folder and then managed my site on Dreamweaver. I then made my website pages with information from different websites. Next, I inserted pictures and linked them to the websites they came from. I then created my works cited and made my footer. During this process, I encountered a few obstacles. My animation gave me the most trouble. At first, it was not at least 500 frames long, which was a requirement. So, I decided to put the matching continent to its ring in my animation. Then, I wanted to add the Olympic Fanfare as music. So, I first had to find the fanfare. Once I did, I had to make it become a Wav file, so I could insert it into Flash. But, to do this, one would have to download a Wav file maker and so I downloaded one (with help from Mr. Herz). Then I was finally able to put it in my animation. This helped me understand Web Design because I learned how to create a website to my liking and with my creativity.

The completion of this task has helped me to become more patient and to always look for other solutions. And most importantly, it taught me to not get fed up if something goes wrong. I anticipate using these skills in the future in other computer classes or in any other class where I will need to use a computer for any reason.