Everyday millions of people surf the web and visit millions of websites, but never really stop and wonder what goes into making a website that neatly organized and easy to use and access. In this task, I had to create a functioning website with eight or more pages (including a home page, reflection page, and a works cited page) and a flash animation on the home page with the Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 software and the Adobe Flash Professional CS5. During this Common Task, I learned how to create a flash animation of the NHL logo with the layers flying onto the stage and this was an important skill for me to learn because I can now make a flash on demand during the final exam with little to know trouble. I also learned how to create links between web pages and this is a vital part of web design because it allows the user to easily navigate between web pages so they can easily find what they are looking for.

The first step I took when starting this project was to build a flash animation plan. My flash animation plan was where I outlined my flash layers and provided a description of what the flash would be and what my process would be to make the flash. Then, I went ahead and made my flash animation on Adobe Flash Professional CS5. I started by creating all my layers and adding 540 frames on each layer. I then made it so each layer would fly in from the left side of the stage in order using a motion tween, and lastly I added music. Next, I created my website plan. This outlined the purpose of my website, the target audience, the web page structure within the website, the details of what each web page would contain, and a general layout of my absic page format. Lastly, I went ahead and created all nine of my web pages on Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, inserted my information and pictures (or flash), and linked all my pages. The most trouble I had while creating my website was inserting my pictures into the logo and inserting my flash. I got around my problems by asking my peers and my teachers for help during the process. This task helped in the long run because now I can truly understand how complicated it is to create a good website and how time consuming it is as well.

Completing this task and creating a website has helped me as a student because I have gained new skills in time management and organization as well as the skills needed to create a neat and professional website. I also learned how to cite things properly by linking all of my photographs to their original pages and creating a works cited so I can not be found guilty of plagiarism. I anticipate using my newly acquired skills to create a functioning website with a flash animation for the final, and in the future if I ever find myself needed to create a website for a business or a specific cause.