UY Scuti

So far, thousands of stars have been observed and categorized. Of these, many have held the title of the largest known star. UY Scuti is the biggest of these today. If put in place of the Sun, all of the inner planet's orbits would be englufed, and would extend outwards to Jupiter. This goliath lies 9,500 light years away, in the constellation Scutum. It is 1,708 times bigger than our sun. Based on theHertzsprung-Rusell diagram, a diagram that compares tempurature and size of stars, Scuti is about 3,000 Kelvin, or almost 5,000 degrees Farenheight. Since its size is almost unimaginable, a scaled down model helps to visualize it. If the Earth was 20 cm in diameter, the sun would be 22 meters, and UY Scuti would be 40 kilometers in diameter.