During this task for Web Graphics & Design, I created my own website ona topic that I chose using the programs Adobe Dreamweaver and Flash. To do this, I had to first write out a website plan in Microsoft Word, which outlined all of the pages of my website and what they would have on them. Then, I created an animation in Flash. The animation took a lot of practice to understand all of the techniques. I created an animation of turtles in the ocean which eventually showed pollution, relating to my topic of endangered species. I used tools like motion and shape tweens, classic motion guides, and the entire animation had about 10 layers with 500 frames each. After I completed the flash animation, I moved on to creating the actual website. I managed the site in Dreamweaver and created all of the pages I would need before linking them together. I researched a lot on my topic of endangered animals, and found lots of pictures which I used to help tie the website together. I organized all of the information I found into about 9 pages. Some of the biggest obstacles lied in formatting the design of the website. For example, I had to add more links to the left navigation bar than were there, so I had to go into the html code and add hyperlinks to each, using my previous knowledge of coding with html. This task helped me understand the difficulty that goes into designing a complex website that can serve all of the people it needs to. This task helped me as a student by advancing my abililty to persevere and use the resources available to me to complete the tasks at hand. When there were problems I often asked my peers or used the internet, which helped me understand the features of dreamweaver better. Overall, this task, although challenging, was a good way of combining all of my skills that I have developed over the course of this class into one project.