Competitive swimming is an fun and enjoyable way to participate in a team, social, athletic, and challenging sport. The objective of this assignment was to communicate ideas and facts about a topic of the student's choosing through a webpage of their own design. For my website, I decided to focus on competitive swimming because I swim myself and I thought that this would be an interesting topic to convey to people. Going into the project, I obviously knew quite a bit about he sport because I swim it myself. However, I did feel it was important for me to read a little bit more about the technical side - terms, and corrects words, etc. - because I can describe the strokes in how to swim them but I do not know all the technical terms and language used for everything. To do this, I looked up on google websites that I knew had legitimate information about swimming to help familiarize myself with the terms and help me in my descriptions, most importantly, of the strokes. Completing this task, I definitely developed for skills useful in creating a website. These skills included adding and linking images, finding relavent information, describing the information, and creating a flash image. These skills are useful for future use if I ever need to create a website for any reason.

To complete this assigned task, I started with the flash image. I knew that I had to have 500 frames, so I went through the process of slowly creating an image that would move effectively and work as a suitable flash movie. Completing this part of the assignment was difficult. I had complete a flash image in a previous assignment but it didn't have to be as long and the image I created was an easier animation. I believe for this stage, I challenged myself almost too far past my capabilities as the image works but it is not to the standard that I would have hoped for. This proved to be a large obstacle for me as I took a lot of time trying to create a really good flash and after a point I had to step away and start the next steps in the assignment as I did not have enough time to continue working on the image. The next steps in the process were to create each page of my website. This I found to be far easier then creating the flash image as I remembered and was able to utilize the skills I had gained about creating a webpage while taking this course. This task was incredibly helpful in showing me how little things can really change the whole piece and how, even though I understood how challenging it is to create web design images, I never really understood fully the work and the art that goes into a piece of animation.

The completion of this assignment has helped me as it showed me that when faced with unsatisfying results, sometimes the best idea is to move on to the work you are able to complete really well, instead of dwelling on the bad. Then, returning to that piece once you've completed everything else better and working to the best of your abilities to make it similar to what you wanted - but knowing that its ok to have room for improvement in your work. I definitely learned a lot about this through creating the flash image for this project. These skills will definitely help me in future so that when faced with a similar dilemma, I know the right path to choose - to not give up and keep trying, but also to accept that not everything can be perfect, good is still good.