The making of this website was a three step process. First, I made the animation featured on the first page. This was very difficult because I was rushing for time, but I wanted to make sure that everything was running right. I ran into many troubles becuase the drawings would disappear as soon as I drew them. But I worked through it and got everything done on time. The second part was making the website and typing everything in. This was relativly easy because I am knowledgable on Hamilton. However, it was tedious making sure the links worked on every page. The last part was finding the pictures. I couldn't figure out how to make the pictures go to their original website at first, but with a little help I figured it out. I aslo ended up adding a page dedicated to funny pictures from Hamilton because they are in abundance. I think that the skills I learned in this class will help me later in my high school career when I have to design a project for a class. Now that I have taken this class I could easily design a website.