Marvel and DC both have many cartoons and are doing sucessful in these fields and have had many hits in the 2000's coming out with successful cartoons after successful cartoons. Though DC has had more of a decline in the cartoon bussiness as of recent Marvel is cruising in that bussiness with three current hit shows (Avengers Assemble, Gardians of the Galaxy, and the Amazing Spiderman) leaving DC firmly in the dust with only one hit show (teen Titans Go).

Here are all the past Cartoons for the two sinc 2000.



DC Cartoons_____________________________________________________________Marvel Cartoons
Batman Beyond(1999-2002)  The Avenger: United They Stand(1999-2000)
Static Shock(2002-2004)  X-Men: Evolution(2002-2003)
The Zeta Project(2001-2002) Spider-Man: The New Animated Series(2003)
Justice League(2001-2004)  Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes(2006-2007)
Teen Titans(2003-2006)  The Spectacular Spider-Man(2008-2009)
Justice League Unlimited(2003-2006)   Wolverine and the X-Men(2008-2009)
The Batman(2004-2008)    Iron Man: Armored Adventures(2009-2012)
Krypto the Superdog(2005-2006)  The Super Hero Squad Show(2009-2011)
Legion of Super Heroes(2006-2008)  The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest heroes(2010-2013)
Batman the Brave and the Bold(2008-2011)   Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.(2013-2015)
YoungJustice(2010-2013)   Ultamate Spider-Man(2012-present)
Green Lantern the Animated Series(2011-2013)    Avenger Assemble(2013-present)
Beware the Batman(2013-2014)       Gardians of the Galaxy(2015-present)
Teen Titans Go!(20103-present)