DC's Comic History

DC Comics is known as the king of all comic books. It has been the front runner in comics since it was founded way back when. They paved their way with style and finesse that many other comic book companies in America followed including their rival Marvel Comics. The history of DC Comics has gone on to be a major part of American culture.

DC Comics were able to continue on when the comic book industry went through a decline in apeal to reader. Matter of fact DC was even able to suceed majorly in during bthis time. Today they proved to be one of the most successful names in the comic book business but are controled by Warner Brothers Entertainment and Time Warner too.

The DC Comics made their presence known in 1939 when they were founded by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson. In this time period the company was known as National Allied Publications. The initials DC were taken from the Detective Comic series.

With that series came the rise of one of their most known super heroes Batman. There was also another braned of comic books, known as Action Comics, which featured a new super hero named Superman. Over the years these two super heroes became extremly popular and to this day they are still two of the most popular comic book characters to ever appear in comic books ever. They even lead the way for many other super heroes.

There was a time when DC was under attack(during the 1950’s). They were not considered to be up to any "American" standards for any children and the younger. DC did however find a way to continue to keep its success going during that time along with several other companies. They covered areas as westerns and romantic stories during this time period, but it was their reemergence of the super heroes which lead them to a huge rebirth of what made them so successful and popular. In the comic book industry this is known as the Silver Age.

It was during 1965 when the industry introduced a new super hero, The Flash. This character was created many years before but was brought back and modernized to be good enough to be in more daring and adventurous comics. This time more emotional and personally compelling stories were used along with some better storyboards and artwork which helped the modernization process of the character. The company repeated this with all the other characters, including their biggest money makers batman and superman. Shortly after the Justice League society and the Justice League of America was formed.

All of these super hero characters gained respect and popularity through the cartoon and a the live television shows. The Marvel Comics francise soon followed after struggling so long to not follow in its rival's foot steps. They did soon give in and then started to create their own group of super heroes.

During the 1990’s there became a lack of popularity as people began to stop buying them. As a result the comic book industry came up with a new approach. With it came different lines that were intended towards a more mature audience. They also took a huge gamble that could have been very costly as they featured the death to some of the main and popular characters, such as superman. And even though it brought good sales, still the industry was losing money.

Not long after the DC Comics launched the super heroes of their industry and then revolutionized their world of comic books and the popularity began to once again grow. Their characters once again gained attention and stayed very popular with movies and theme parks along with other things that would keep them as a big part of American culture.